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Amy Burge-Skvarka

I enjoy painting with oils and pastels. My favorite subjects are landscapes, waterscapes, wildflowers, and animals. I usually paint from photographs taken by my husband and me.  Many of our photos are taken while hiking nature trails and walk beautiful beaches. Our five acre homestead in Habersham County also provides many inspiring subjects for my art.

I have always liked to draw and dabble with art but my first classes began when I discovered the Dianne Mize Art Studio in Clarkesville, Georgia. I have studied with Dianne since 1990. I have also taken classes and workshops with Ivy Rutzky, Judy Bynum George, Robin Miltner, and Maggie Price. I look forward to continuing my studies and growing as an artist.


Amy Burge-Skvarka

1901 East Glade Creek Road

Clarkesville, GA 30523



"Barnyard Bantam"

 11"x15"  Pastel

 $200 Unframed

"Edisto Gate"

16"x20" Oil on Canvas

  $200 Unframed

"Jamaican Sunset"  

16"X20" Oil on Canvas

  $300 Unframed

"Daffodils One"

 12'x16''  Oil on Canvas

    Private Collection

"Daffodils Two"

12"x16"  Oil on Canvas

  Private Collection

"Daffodils Three"

12"x16" Oil on Canvas

  Private Collection

"Beside the Tallulah"

 9"x12" Pastel  

 $350  Framed

"Edisto's Live Oak Trail"

 20"x24"  Oil on Canvas

  Private Collection

"High Sierra Lake"  

 9"x12"  Pastel   

  $350  Framed

"San Diego Sunset"

 15"x21" Pastel   

$300 Unframed

"Tuscany Lavender"

 11"x15" Pastel  

 $350  Framed

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