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Annice Anderson

Happiness for me is a new canvas, clean brushes, fresh paint and a great idea for a painting.  Each painting is a new adventure.

When I first started taking art lessons I found that I was not only learning all the things I needed to create a painting, but I was learning how to really see the world around me.  Each tree, cloud, face and object became distinct and different.  Everyday things took on a whole new perspective for me.  What a bonus.

I was never able to fulfill my dream of pursuing my interest in art until after my children finished college and moved on with their lives.  After my husband retired, we moved from the Atlanta area to a small town in the northeast Georgia mountains where I discovered the Dianne Mize Art Studio and my second life began.

I have been painting for eight years now and each “adventure” is still as exciting as the first.  The challenges are just part of the adventure.

I enjoy painting landscapes and still-lifes in both oil and watercolor, but my favorite subjects are people and animals in oil.

When I'm painting I am usually listening to my favorite instrumental music - piano, guitar, saxophone - soft jazz, soft rock and classical.  And if I'm not in my studio I am probably doing my other favorite things - reading, playing tennis or traveling.

Contact:   Annice W. Anderson

             1263 Woodbrier

              Sautee, GA 30571

             706 878 4606



Oil on Canvas   16" x 20"

Private Collection


Oil on Canvas   16" x 20"

Private Collection


Oil on linen

12" x 14"

Private Collection

"Amber & Nestle"

Oil on Canvas   24" x 30"

Private Collection

"Howard and Dianne"

Oil on Linen     20" x 26"

Private Collection

" Julie & Blue"

Oil on Linen   18" x 24"

Private Collection

"Tuscany Window"

Oil on Canvas   9" x 12"  

$250.00   Framed


Oil on Canvas    18" x 24"

Private Collection

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