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Cindy Gibson

I've had the good luck to study with Dianne Mize (and be inspired by her) for many years. My primary medium is oil, interspersed with watercolor studies. For me, painting is a combination of blood, sweat and tears with a feeling of great joy and fulfillment when my muse stops by.

I love all forms of art, including most types of music. I enjoy cooking, riding my horse, reading and I have been known to run a little -- not necessarily in that order.

"Angles and Spheres"

24" x 30"    Oil on Canvas


"Study in Green"

8" x 10"    Oil on Canvas


"Camden Harbor Afternoon"

11" x 14"    Oil on Canvas



20" x 16"    Oil on Canvas


"Gathering Treasures"

16" x 20"  Oil on Canvas


"Down the Beach"

20" x 24"    Oil on Canvas


"Sunrise on the Apalach"

20" x 36"    Oil on Canvas



12" x 16"    Oil on Canvas


"Coming Home"

8" x 10"    Oil on Canvas


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