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James Morris

It took someone very close my heart to recognize my interest and talent in the visual arts and to push me into action. I will forever be amazed at the human potential, if each of us only could learn to embrace and nurture it. I waited many years before exploring my talents in art, which I originally did for three years under the guidance of Dianne Mize.  My studies continue with inspiration, influence and encouragement from masters past and present. Mostly I work in charcoal, graphite and oil, but I also enjoy pastels.

My music interests cover a broad spectrum ranging from rock ‘n’ roll, R&B, techno to classical, but my favorite is the music of nature. I enjoy traveling, especially to the beach, gatherings with family and friends, and the quiet times at home with my wife and our dogs in the kitchen.


James Morris

201 Tall Oaks Drive

Alto, Ga  30510

706 201 4114


For larger view, click on image.

"Misty Morning"

14 x 22  Pastels on Paper

$300 Unframed

"On Cooper's Creek"

18 x 24   Graphite on Paper

$750 Framed

"The Guardian"

18 x 24   Graphite on Paper

$650 Framed

"Water Lilies I"

24 x 18   Oil on Canvas

$800 Unframed


12 x 24   Graphite on Paper

$650 Framed


"Water Lilies II"

24 x 18  Oil on Canvas

$800 Unframed

"Below the Falls"

18 x 24   Graphite on Paper

$850 Framed

"A Day at Monet's"

18 x 24    Oil on Canvas


"Below Amicalola Falls"

18 x 24  Graphite on Paper

$850 Framed